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Common problems

The product query

What is purchase order?How to use?

Customers can use a purchase order to query the product quotation. Click "add purchase order" will be interested in the product added to the list (add more different products), and then enter the contact information and press "submit", then the assistant of IGP will send the quotation through email.

Product enquiry and ask for the quotation

1) Telephone query
Customers can in office hours (Monday - Friday 09:00-18:00), contact the Innovative Gift & Premium (HK) Limited customer service call enquiry hotline: 1800 22 0810 / 1800 22 0810

2) Email queries
Please provide relevant product information, requirements and design, such as to provide an E-mail address: sales@igp.com.my

3) Purchase order
Add the gift to purchase order, fill in the quantity and the required information and send.

4) Fax inquiry
The information about the gift and fax order to + 852 2345 6656。

* Customers must provide information about the company and contact, we will prepare quotation。

The minimum order quantity

Minimum quantity of each product has its different, tied in product introduction. Such as the number of customers to order gift below the minimum order quantity, we also welcome the customer to provide information and will try to meet the requirements of the order quantity.

Such as order quantity is lower than the minimum order quantity

Such as customers to order products less than the minimum order quantity, welcome to provide related information, we will do our best to cooperate with the client's requirements.

Purchase order has been sent out, why no one follow up?

A sampan IGP received the customer's purchase order or product inquiry will reply this day or every other day and send the quotation, such as send query in two working days haven't reply, may be because of the following reasons:

1) Query products too much;
2) Products were so complex queries;
3) Customer left no contact number and email

If the above reason, please call (852) 2345 2345 to the company staff query。

In addition to the online display products, whether there is any other styles?

In addition to the online display products, the company's showroom there are quite a few did not upload the product, welcome customer appointments to the company showroom visit.

No idea! Would you please provide me with gift?

Can, welcome to use the gift page proposal for our query, object and the data such as budgets, fill in a gift gift planning member of IGP will provide you with advice, not to need.

Terms of payment

How to pay?

RMB payment of HK $5000, you must pay the full amount; Payment of HK $5000 or above, you must first pay 50% deposit, balance paid when delivery.

Looked up and fill in the "Innovative Gift & Premium (HK) Limited" and mail to Unit 401 , Efficiency House , 35 Tai Yau Street , San Po Kong , HK"

2)Bank into several
Put the money directly into the company's account of Bank of China (012-594-000-379-87), and will be into the sheet by fax (+852 2200 9009) or email( payment@igp.com.hk )us。

3) Purchasing card
If customers to use purchasing card, please listed in the product inquiry.

Hong Kong customer

Account name: Innovative Gift & Premium (HK) Limited
Bank of China(HK) Limited: 012-594-000-379-87

After the bank number or transfer, will into the sheet, please email or fax (and indicate the order no.) to the accounting department of our company in order to deal with your customer payment as soon as possible。(Email: payment@igp.com.hk or Fax: +852 2200 9009)

Macao customer

The name of the account: Innovative Gift & Premium (Macau) Limited
Bank of China macau branch(MOP): 01-01-20-839024

After the bank number or transfer, will into the sheet, please email or fax (and indicate the order no.) to the accounting department of our company in order to deal with your customer payment as soon as possible。(Email: payment@igp.com.hk or Fax: +852 2200 9009)

Overseas buyers of payment?

Overseas customers can through the remittance to our bank account, new customers must be paid.

Can you use procurement card?

Yes, we accept HSBC and citigroup purchasing card.

Purchase terms

Printing logo on the gift of the file

Such as required on the gift printing patterns or text, the customer needs to provide printing design by AI (Adobe Illustrator) or CDR (Corel Draw), such as only provide JPG or other documents, the company will charge a minimum conversion fee of HKD 150.00, charge depending on the complexity of design.

How about the order the goods time?

The goods time calculated by the confirmation after receive payment and design files, general for 3-4 weeks (depending on the product and the order quantity).

Delivery service

Such as customer orders up to HK $5000 or above, the company provides a one-time a site of the free delivery service. HK $5000 general minimum HK100.00 delivery charge for the following order (depending on the goods quantity and delivery location). P.S. send include Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories (not including the outlying islands, the box; tung chung and the airport are subject to collect surcharge).

Can order the same product, such as mixing different colors?

Ok, we will try to match the color of the customer requirements, but if the color has failed to provide the required, we will be replaced with other colors.

Quality assurance

Such as product has obvious quality and safety problems, customers can receive goods within 7 days to contact customer service, the company will arrange a refund

Can the partial delivery

Can, the production of goods to be sent to shenzhen office for product quality and safety inspection, measuring and unified processing, such as customer need to partial delivery, we can provide warehouse service, goods can be register in our warehouse, there are someone who's in charge of supervision, customers can request partial and period of time even to deliver multiple locations.

Web page using

How can get IGP latest product information?

Customers can in the web page on the left side of the subscription IGP communication enter email address, we will periodically email about the latest products and information such as holiday promotion gift to the email address. Such as customer did not subscribe to the product information of IGP, but on top of the page gifts exhibit browse new releases of gifts.

Gift proposals

Customer just fill in the relevant data, IGP sales team member will provide you with advice, and do not need to worry.

Procurement services

The customer can provide related pictures, let IGP procurement team to serve you.

No I want products on web pages

Customers can use search engine to find related pages top the gift, input relevant keywords in search engine, system can effectively and directly to list products to meet the needs of customers. Search engine if the product failed to find a customer's requirements of products, welcome to page through procurement service for our query, we will provide quotation as soon as possible.

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