IGP provides a diversify gift related services which enable the client to save costs and get the high-quality gifts

IGP創藝禮品|Gift|IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)   Presents the design and development        

Gift development team can according to customer requirements and budget, design a representative and unique gifts, in the propaganda effect. Gift from design, select material, develop mold, arrange office and production are specialist to give opinions. IGP for the customer design and development for years to come up with a more than 1000 gift, also introduced the OBM brand Dake, with different modelling of high-quality goods as the theme, and in many department stores sell.

IGP創藝禮品|Gift|IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)   Small quantity production                 

Is enterprise present the minimum quantity of an order for thousands, some styles more even tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprise often are not necessarily in line with the budget, have belong to own enterprise present relatively difficult, so we provide less number of present production services, the number of a minimum or production.

IGP創藝禮品|Gift|IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)   Check the quality test                      

IGP in shenzhen longgang sets quality test center, a professional measurement inspection team to conduct a comprehensive quality and safety of product testing, customers also can to the annual inspection, in addition, we can handle a number of internationally recognized quality testing, such as SGS, Intertek, TUV and so on many international recognition test.

IGP創藝禮品|Gift|IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)   Hong Kong logistics

IGP in domestic has its own dedicated team, for a long time, with the first-tier cities such as Shanghai and Beijing have often business and goods between us, we can arrange the logistics to cities throughout all the provinces.

IGP創藝禮品|Gift|IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)   Printing, processing and integration

IGP its own processing plant in shenzhen, with many sets of screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping machine, and provide customers with a number of processing services, including product printing and packaging, etc.

IGP創藝禮品|Gift|IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)   The packaging design

Packing in the marketing of products a very important link, has a far-reaching effect on the value of a product, therefore more generous and suitable packaging for gifts.

IGP創藝禮品|Gift|IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)   Warehouse inventory service

We provide warehouse inventory service, goods can be check in our warehouse, and have the specialist is responsible for the supervision, customers can request partial and period of time even to deliver multiple locations.

IGP創藝禮品|Gift|IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)   Inward and outward do STH for sb

IGP service for many years with many overseas companies, can handle import and export customs clearance service, and set up the customer order the goods sent to all over the world.

We provide giant coverage in Greater China Region with the largest corporate gift and premium network in Asia. We serve more than 15000 corporations and manage more than 500 suppliers. Operation 9 main cities in Southeast Asia and 2 quality inspection centers. Customers can check the information of thousands of gifts....More>>
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